Professional Voice

Singers and actors have a particularly high demand on their voice and even minor vocal problems can be devastating.  We often refer to them as vocal athletes. The voice needs to be functioning at its highest level at all times; their livelihood and identity depend on their voice.  Small changes in the sound, control or effort in the voice can cause major performances issues and anxiety.  When in a production or with a tight show or recording schedule, the problems may be urgent, and we understand that.

Other professions that demand a great deal of voice use include teachers, attorneys, sales representatives, receptionists, restaurant workers, technical support, and customer service personnel.  These people are professional voice users as well.

As devastating as a voice problem is in a professional voice user, there are many remedies and very often, through conservative measures, sometimes medicine and sometimes surgery, patients will return to the level function they experienced before the onset of their voice disorder.  If you are a professional voice user you should seek out a Laryngologist who is an Otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) who specializes in voice disorders.  You should expect the same level of professional expertise in voice care from your doctor that you expect from yourself when you perform at the highest levels of your profession.