"Dr. Pitman has been a great protector of my vocal health and has a huge wealth of knowledge about the ways, both “medical” and not, to stay healthy longer. Especially during my year long broadway run, his guidance was invaluable."

Josh Groban – Singer, Songwriter and Actor

"Dr. Pitman is the reason I come to Columbia and I would not trust anyone else with my care.  He treated me for vocal cord paralysis. He is a conscientious, caring physician. He went out of his way to contact my family and made himself available at any time.  The office is efficient, helpful and warm."

Donna P- Child Psychologist

"Whether I’m on the road or performing 8 shows a week, when my voice is not quite right or a sore throat is coming on, Dr. Pitman is my first call. Always."

Lin-Manuel Miranda – Award-winning Composer, Lyricist, and Actor

"I had a vocal fold cyst.  Dr. Pitman did a wonderful job and was extremely professional and compassionate throughout the whole experience.  My voice is restored to normal.  Carly (the voice therapist) was also a huge help pre-op and I learned a lot about how to properly care for my voice."

Laura Cerniglia – Student

"The office is beautiful and spacious.  The staff is kind, patient and helpful. Dr. Pitman is amazing, asks the right questions and is kind and effective in such a beautiful way.  He gives me peace of mind."

Lisa Fischer – Grammy Award winning performer, Star of Academy Award winning Twenty Feet From Stardom

"I have cancer and it was impeding my voice box. I came to the Voice and Swallowing Institute looking for a way to bring my breathing and voice back. Dr. Pitman is a genius. He performed the operation and I am perfectly happy with my voice. "

Dwane Illes - Retired

"Super grateful for Dr. Pitman and his staff.  They are lovely and super friendly. Dr. Pitman is informative, helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He gets straight to the diagnosis and the cure for the problem.  I always leave feeling secure and safe."

Lexi Lawson – Actress and Singer; Eliza in Hamilton on Broadway

"Dr. Pitman is a conscientious, caring physician. He went out of his way to contact my family and he made himself available at any time. I would not trust anyone else with my care. "

Donna P. - Bakery Owner

"Dr. Pitman is a guru. He listens, pays attention to detail and helped keep me rapping 8 times a week in the three hour musical I was in for two years. He is the ONLY ENT I see when I'm home in New York. If I'm away...I wait to get back home or he’ll hook me up with a great doctor in the city I’m in. If you want to get better and get better with amazing advice on how to stay better.. see Michael."

Anthony Ramos – Singer, Actor; John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton on Broadway

"Dr. Pitman and his staff were professional, courteous, friendly and responsive to my questions and concerns.  I have had treatments to remove laryngeal papilloma since 1971 with over 70 operations.  Dr. Pitman evaluated my case history and agreed to in-office green laser treatment rather than in-hospital CO2 laser treatment. I was very happy with his decision, as I want to avoid anesthesia.  The treatment given to my by Dr. Pitman was excellent and resulted in my regaining my natural voice.  I have always had excellent treatment in the past and I would rate Dr. Pitman at the top."

Gerald Murphy – Business Executive

"Dr. Pitman’s care was holistic. It wasn’t just a doctor’s visit but a solution to my whole voice.  The entire staff went above and beyond. I am deeply grateful for my care."

Emily Bergl– Singer, Actor, Stage, TV and film

"Dr. Pitman is the third doctor I've been to and the first who was able to help. He and his staff made me feel like they cared about my problem and were committed to a successful outcome. They were always accessible outside of the actual office visit. Besides an improvement in symptoms, they have restored my faith in a good doctor/patient relationship."


"Doctor Pitman has been a reassuring, confident presence during one of the darkest moments of my life. He guided me through the obscure corridors of despair to a victorious recovery. He is a paragon of all things hippocratic. Authentic, comforting and supremely competent, I trust Dr. Pittman with my voice which, for me, is to trust him with my life."

Chris Barron– Singer, Songwriter, Lead Singer of Spin Doctors

"I can speak again! I'm relieved and appreciative. Thank you for great service."

Belinda Castro - Retired

"Dr. Pitman is so knowledgeable in the singers, and the voice.  His staff was amazing, friendly and efficient. I’m a professional opera singer. I came to him before a series of engagements.  He diagnosed me and guided me through how to get better and treat myself during the engagement.  He also scheduled a follow up to make sure my cords were healthy after.  For a singer, having a relationship with an ENT you can trust is crucial.  I could not be happier to be a patient of Dr. Pitman."

Luis Alejandro Orozco– Baritone

"I've made great strides in addressing the vocal problems that brought me to the Voice and Swallowing Institute. Everyone from the secretaries to the voice therapists to the doctors have been thoroughly professional and encouraging. Realizing that you don't have to live with a voice deficit, that you can take steps to improve your voice, has had a very positive impact on my feelings about interacting socially and maintaining the quality of life I had hoped for before my voice problems began. "

Kendrick S. - Television Editor

"Dr. Pitman is really one of the best doctors in the country. His incredible and compassionate office and practice have proved invaluable time and time again while I've worked in the rough and competitive industry of live theatre. His endless knowledge of the voice and sound production have enabled me to continuously work in leading roles on the New York stage. I wouldn't take on a new project without him. Thank you Michael!"

Hunter Herdlicka – Broadway Actor; A Little Night Music, Once Upon A Mattress

"Dr. Pitman is a wonderful, professional, confident doctor.  My surgery gave me the ability to swallow and eat food again. My overall experience with Dr. Pitman and his staff has been a very positive experience.  I would highly recommend him.  I am so grateful to have found him."

Lois Damico – Insurance Broker

"I can sing again!  Michael Pitman and his people treated me in a timely fashion, with professionalism, and a level of consideration that is uncommon in the business of medicine."

Tom Wopat – Singer and Actor

"I had a paralyzed vocal fold.  Dr. Pitman restored my voice and I feel that I’m all better.  It was a very positive experience.  Dr. Pitman and the staff made my visits pleasant and effective."

Norma B

"Dr. Pitman and his associates are absolute God-sends. Knowledgeable, tactful and supportive. Saved my voice, and then some. My first call from now on, no question!"

Nik Walker– Actor; Aaron Burr in Hamilton National Tour

"Everyone in the office was very kind and listened to my needs. They kept me comfortable and explained everything they were doing before proceeding. I never felt rushed."

Virginia Knox - Social Policy Researcher

"As a professional Broadway actress and singer, it is absolutely vital I have an excellent ENT to look after my health and my voice. I am SO lucky to have Dr. Pitman who is not only an outstanding ENT but who is also a delightful and truly caring human being. He clearly prioritizes the health and comfort of his patients- coupled with his bedside manner and expertise, he is an ideal person to have on your team. I trust him implicitly to care for my throat (and ears and nose!) and will continue to recommended him to all my friends and colleagues!"

Satomi Hofmann– Actress, Singer; The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

"My experience with Dr. Pitman has been wonderful. He dealt with my voice problem in the most professional manner and with great care and concern for what I was experiencing. I am so very grateful for how he has made my life better in a very profound way."

Ruth Golub – TV Producer

"After visiting Dr. Pitman the first time, I knew I had found my Laryngologist in Manhattan. I’m a Broadway actor/singer, so my voice is my bread and butter. Dr. Pitman works with many performers in the theatre and music industry, and keeps us in peak condition. His staff is extremely knowledgeable, many having been singers/performers themselves, which only adds to the climate of expertise when you visit Dr. Pitman. He’s also worked with me while I’ve been out on tour, which is a real life saver. I have, and will continue to recommend him to any of my colleagues in the industry (or not for that matter) who are looking for the best Laryngologist around. As a performer, trust is a major factor when you put your “voice” in the hands of your Laryngologist. Dr. Pitman earns every bit of that trust!"

Jeremy Benton– Broadway Actor, Singer; 42nd Street, White Christmas, Cagney

"I waited way too long to remedy a problem with my voice.  It was scratchy and hoarse, and daily I was asked if I had a cold or if I was sick. Dr. Pitman and his team expertly identified the problem as vocal fold polyps, walked me through the remedy, and expertly performed surgery and followed up diligently.  I am thrilled with the result."

Jennifer Helmer – Head of Institutional Sales

"Dr Pitman came highly recommended by a friend. He always makes an effort to see me as soon as possible when I call with a health issue. His demeanor during questioning and the physical exam is relaxed and thorough. His diagnostic equipment is state of the art and I like being involved in seeing my videos and being made aware of any issues. He does not prescribed unnecessary medications to mask health problems. His concern is that I return to 100% vocal health. I would and have highly recommended him to fellow singers and friends."

John Smith– Tenor, Metropolitan Opera

"Dr. Pitman is the best. He thoroughly explains everything. The staff is awesome. I would recommend the Voice and Swallowing Institute to anyone. "

Abdulaziz Donuk - Superintendent

"It’s so important to have a team of professionals to care for your voice. I feel lucky to have Dr. Pitman and his amazing team to turn to for all of vocal health needs. Their support, and attention to every aspect of caring for the professional voice gives me peace of mind. I know that no matter where I’m singing or what happens, I have the best of the best looking after me!"

Monica Yunus – Soprano, Co-Founder of Sing for Hope

"I would highly recommend Dr. Pitman to anyone with a voice problem."

Michael Wellner - Retired Travel Executive

"Dr. Pitman took the time to deal with my problem. I was treated great by the doctor and staff.  I feel much better and my problem is fixed!"

Isiah Whitlock Jr. – film, theater, and television artist

"I am happy to have found Dr. Pitman in NYC.  I moved here 2 years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia and he helped to make my life better.  He was reassuring and explained everything very well. Dr. Pitman’s staff were friendly and helped calm me when I was nervous.  I am able to live with my disease and still have a normal life."

Andrea Cerulli

"I was referred to doctor Pitman from my local ENT for bilateral vocal fold paralysis. Dr. Pitman was, by far, the best at trying to make me comfortable and breath on my own.  I have been his patient for 5 years.  I come from Saratoga Springs, NY just to see Dr. Pitman. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate laryngologist."

Kathleen Lewis