Sulcus Vocalis


Sulcus vocalis is a special case of scarring in which a discrete area of superficial lamina propria is absent. A sulcus vocalis may develop over time, but you may also be born with one. This is often the case when the voice disorder is present since early childhood. Symptoms of sulcus vocalis include a weak, high-pitched, raspy, strained voice quality that’s often been there since birth.


Diagnosis can be difficult. Generally, a physician will base the diagnosis on the sound of the patient’s voice combined with an abnormal vibration of the vocal cord seen during a video straboscopy.


Treatment generally starts with voice therapy, which can help patients compensate for the condition. There are also a number of surgical techniques to treat sulcus vocalis.


Any treatment has a lengthy recovery process, and it may take three or four months after surgery for significant healing.